Lanie's profile, as given by her sister Staci.
[Interviewed by Vicki Model].

DOB : August 10, that would make her a Leo.. Yes, she is wild like a lion!.
Hair: Long and Brown Currently.
Eyes: Big and Brown :).
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 126 lbs

Shoe Size: 8 US
Bra Size: 36B
Pant Size: 7
Shirt Size: Med

Panties: Med

Fave Colors : dark green, black, gold, and dark purple.

Fave type of clothing: tight euro styles.

Fave Food : pie. her favorite is coconut cream.. you have to watch it when you turn your back - shell eat up all your pie when your not looking!

Fave Drink: Beer!

Fave thing about her sister Staci :
she calls staci her "little porcelin doll", she says Staci is her favorite person =).

Fave toy: Staci's frosty.. (see for more details on that hehe)
Fave Music: R&B.

Does Lanie play any music?
Oh yes, she sings and writes songs, and plays piano and guitar.

So what is her biggest aspiration in life?
She wants to be a musician super star. She has had this dream her whole life, since she was a very little girl.

Is Lanie well travelled?
Yes she is. She has been all over europe, central america, and the US including hawaii and alaska - she's been way more places than me!

How would you describe Lanie in just a few words?
She's a diva, who is musically tallented, she loves to suck cock, she's eccentric, and high maintenance, and shes a biatch! the guys will love her.

I feel the love here! - V

Where is Lanie?
She's coming back soon to party on cam she's currently in europe but thats all i'm going to say!!..
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